Quite honestly, personal injury law involves recovering money damages for injuries you sustain as a result of a wrong doing of another person, persons, organization, or company, etc. This branch of law is called Tort Law. Tort Law relies heavily on the principles of the negligence. Auto accidents, slip and falls, dog bites and product liability are the most common torts that my firm handles. Basically, a tort occurs when someone deliberately or through carelessness causes harm or loss to another person or his or her property. 


CALL THE POLICE. Do not leave the accident scene or move your vehicles. The local police department or the state police will show up and either have you move your vehicle or have it moved for you if you are unable. The officer will interview you, the other driver and any witnesses and prepare an accident report. It usually takes a couple of days for the report to be ready, but once it is you should obtain a copy and check it for accuracy. If it is not accurate, go to the police station and let them know. Also, if the officer does not obtain the other driver’s insurance information, request that it be done. Seek medical treatment if you are injured.


If you are injured seek medical treatment immediately. Either request an ambulance at the scene, drive yourself or have someone take you, but go immediately. Even if you don’t have private health care coverage or another means to pay, get treatment immediately. When you arrive at the hospital or medical provider let them know how the accident happen and what injuries you sustained, be honest. If you have coverage, i.e. private health or medpay, provide that information to the medical provider. If you have “medpay” in your auto policy you may use that coverage without the fear that your insurance rates will go up. 

Contact your insurance company whether you think you’re at fault or not. Most policies have time lines that must be follow. I recommend that you DO NOT talk to the other insurance carrier. Do not give them a statement until you consult an attorney. Remember this: That adjuster is working for the person that cause your injury and not you. He/she is in the business of adjusting claims...you are not. You need someone to look out for your best interest and that is my law office. 


If you have been injured you may be entitled to lost wages, lost earning capacity resulting from an impairment, payment of medical bills past and future, pain and suffering, and property damage. Property damage should be taken care of immediately as your vehicle may need to be repaired or even worse, totaled. 

I’VE JUST BEEN INJURED, WHAT NEXT? (Other than an auto accident)

Get the name, address, phone number of the person or entity who you think may be responsible. Also, get the names, addresses and phone number of any witnesses. If you are able to fill out an incident report, do so. If not, have someone fill one out for you or complete one as soon as possible. Lastly, seek medical attention immediately if so needed.


We simplify the process. We determine liability, insurance, benefit and entitlement issues. We deal with adjusters, medical providers, state and federal agencies. We will manage and monitor your treatment and claim to ensure you maximize you recovery. We evaluate your claim, determine the value and make sure you receive the best settlement possible. Unfortunately, some insurance companies do not make reasonable offers until a lawsuit is filed, and we will file that lawsuit on your behalf.

Lastly, we do not charge you a fee unless you recover.

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